Can meets yarn

When I’m pottering and tinkering, I often tend to complicated or time-consuming projects. At the same time I am always looking for simple craft ideas that one can do well with children and which are completely new for them. It is a plus if they can use recycled material. It is perfect if the small artist can determine its own level of difficulty. Such a project is these wrapped cans.

The cans I used are cat food cans, cleaned and with detached labels. First you have to cover the whole outside of your can with all-purpose glue. Then you have to tightly wrap your yarn around the can…and done.

Well … almost! The starting point and the end of your yarn usually have to be redone and if you use thin thread, like I used with my left can, and if you change your colors at every inch… it can really get annoying!

Off course the finished cans can be used for everything. The children, with whom I tried this project, use theirs as pen holders or for bits and pieces. For children I recommend the type of wool yarn which already regularly changes color by itself.

My orchid loves her new flower pot. In her old pot she didn`t blossom for a whole year and after I repotted her, she exploded with new blossoms.

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