Camera strap

Recently I have been given a beautiful scarf. Since I am unfortunately cursed and scarfs doesn´t become me, I simply changed the scarf to a camera strap. I didn´t touch the original seams of the strap, because I did not want to lose the warranty for my camera and instead sewed a cover for the strap. And as always, I also have a tutorial for you:

Material and tools


werkzeug 2

A scarf, scissors, measuring tape, two snaps, a snap attaching tool and everything for sewing.

Step 1


First you have to measure the length of your camera strap and shorten your scarf to the appropriate length.

Step 2


Once you have folded your scarf lengthways, sew it together – right sides facing.

Step 3


Now turn the fabric at both ends of the scarf inwards and sew the hem. I like the contrast of white and pink but of course you can also select yarn in the color of the fabric to make the seam invisible.

Step 4


Next, I sewed two mini-straps from small fabric rectangles. First I folded the fabric lengthwise, sewed it right sides together and turned the straps.

Step 5


To attach the snaps I’ve used a snap attachment tool.

Step 6


As a last step you just have to pull the camera strap through the cover and gather the fabric at the ends with the two mini-straps.

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