Camera bag

Some time ago I’ve seen how a woman turned her handbag to a camera bag and I almost died with envy. Finally at the weekend I have been able to find this leather bag at the flea market. Today I finished my new camera bag and my inner peace is restored. If it was just always so easy!

Materials and tools:


A leather bag (2.50 euros from the flea market), fabric (second hand) …


… Foam (in the photo here only one piece as an example), fabric scissors and everything for sewing.

Step 1


First, I have cut an old foam mattress into small pieces and so put together the padding for my camera. If you’re really good, you measure everything. I cut just by feel and sound judgment: A large piece as a base, two long pieces and a square as the sides and three small pieces as protection for the lens.

Step 2


Then I sewed covers for each of the pieces of foam. Again, I didn´t measure. Instead I always put the piece of foam on the fabric, wrapped this once around the piece, cut it and then sewed. I don´t expect to wash these pieces of padding often, so I made no buttons or other closures for the individual pieces. Since my colorful fabric must be washed by hand anyway, I then can also wash the foam with it. That was my thought anyway.


I like the fact that one does not recognize from the outside that the bag is a camera bag. I love the look of the bag but apart from that usually everyone can recognize a normal camera bag from 100 meters away and they are a popular target of thieves, even more than normal handbags, since a camera bag promises to deliver professional camera equipment with high value.

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