Business card holder

Business cards are for most people a part of everyday life; you distribute your own cards and collect some from others. Until now I’ve always put my cards at craft markets in a small bowl but that was not really ideal. Consequently, I decided to make my own business card holder which also simultaneously matches the style of my craft. Of course, this card holder doesn´t need to hold your own cards. If I would work in an office, I would use my box to collect the business cards of my work contacts. So, who wants to make the colleagues jealous?

Materials and tools


A book, a pair of scissors, a wooden box, a triangle ruler, a pencil and a sharp knife

Step 1


To stain the wood of my box darker, I used a method I’ve already described HERE in another post.

Step 2


To prepare my book, I measured first the length of my wooden box and accordingly marked the part of the book, which I wanted to cut off.

Step 3

buch (2)

To cut the book binding, it is best to use a sharp knife while the book sides are easier to cut with scissors.

Step 4


The folding itself is super simple and amazingly fast. Each side must now be folded inwards. It is best to begin in the middle and end with the first and/or last page.

Step 5

business card holder

All that remains now is to put the folded book into the box and you can already begin to organize your business cards.

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