Burlap drawstring backpack

Burlap drawstring backpack

For several years now a hero from our childhood has again stepped into the spotlight: The drawstring backpack. Back then a purely practical object, which was too often carelessly forgotten in the locker room. Now this bag is all grown up and is proudly worn in countless fabrics and patterns. Off course I wanted one too. By chance I came upon my drawstring backpack material when I browsed eBay: burlap coffee bag! For ten minutes I felt very creative and innovative, but then google put me in my place. I was not the first one, who came up with this idea but I’ve sewn my coffee bag anyway and I happily wear it every day.

And now a few tips for making one yourself:

For sewing this bag yourself I recommend two tutorials: one in GERMAN and one in ENGLISH. The cheapest way to buy your cords for the bag is eBay. I only use braided cotton (per bag I need four meters of thread). The cords that are only rotated tend to dissolve again into two strands and are just annoying!


I sewed a black lining for my bag, but that’s a matter of taste.


If you sew the bag with a sewing machine, I recommend the zig-zag stitch with a short distance and you should double sew all your seams. The burlap bags are woven very roughly and the seams need to be super strong, so they will not open again. Have fun!

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