Bulk trash furniture

Bulk trash furniture

This post is going to be quite long so today we are doing something different. I’ll show you just a picture (of course one of my own DIY) and if you feel like you want to know the history of this picture, you can continue reading…

When I was little, everyone was allowed to put their bulk trash at the roadside for free and from time to time city cleaning trucks would drive through the streets and collect everything. As much as I wish back those times now, as a child I bitterly hated bulk trash.

Whenever I was driving around with my dad, he would be on the lookout for promising treasures along the roadside (not because we did`t have any money but for the thrill of the chase). When he spotted something, what would follow now was a precisely practiced cheografie: My father would park the car and begin to rummage through the bulk trash. He would look at every single item and in the end he would happyly carry his prey back to the car and pack everything in the trunk. My part of this little scene was the same every time: to slide down in my car seat as far as I could until I almost knelt on the footwell. If available I would put on my hood and sunglasses and would hiss angrily at my dad through the window, that he was totally embarrassing me and should come back immediately.

Nowadays I too have a throbbing heart when I see bulk trash, and my hometown`s city cleaning opened two huge stores to make it easier for junkies like me and my dad: “Stilbruch” (“break in style”) in Wandsbek and “Stilbruch” (“break in style”) in Altona. The concept is awesome. You bring your bulk trash to a recycling yard and everything that still looks good is sorted out and town cleaning brings these things to the “Stilbruch” stores. There, everything is cleaned and, if broken, fixed and resold for a few euros. This way I came in possession of the furniture on the picture. First I bought the upper drawer for about ten euros and a few months later I bought the console (with an original certificate by the carpenter) for 20 euros. At home I sanded both again and painted them light-ivory. Even if they do not belong to the same style period, I find that they look quite nice together.

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