Boxershorts à la newbie

I like boxer shorts very much what I do not like is to buy boxer shorts in the underwear department for men. Every time I go there and I see a man (they usually tend to be older, unattractive and with a lot of body hair) who holds underwear in his hands, my imaginations starts and I do not want that! Since it is unlikely that I meet Adam Levine in a situation like this, I run instead through the men’s department with my head down so I don´t have to see anyone and try not to run against fashion dolls.

While there are sometimes even boxer shorts for women…

… they are often cut very tightly (off course we have to look sexy) and no longer have the casual cut that I like in boxers. As soon as I was able to use my sewing machine without having to cut knots every 60 seconds, I sewed my own boxer shorts out of a pillowcase. For this I have unstitched a pair of old boxer shorts at the seams and used these parts as templates for my own sewing pattern. Parts of the boxers that were not perfect before I changed and added at the end a new seam allowance. These are my finished patterns that I used:




The back of my boxer shorts additionally consists of a connecting part that you need twice and that fits into the center of the back. The reason for this is that most of us need a little more … uh … space there. Certain women`s curves are usually slightly different at that point than men`s. Those who do not have the time to make their own pattern can of course also use a “professional” pattern to print. I have HERE a free example for you, from the Burda website (in English). I have not tried this one myself, but maybe you like it.

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