Bottle with engraving

Bottle with engraving

Before I let out my inner engraver, I was tempted by the method of glass etching and I would like to issue a warning at this point to all like-minded people. If you do not have the protective clothing of a welder and the fine motor skills of a watchmaker, you better choose engraving, like me. The etching paste which is used to mat the glass is, according to the God of tools, an acid that cannot be washed off with water and can only be cut out your skin.

Reasonable as I am *cough*, I decided to use a Dremel (multifunctional tool) with a grinding tip. Since I cannot do anything without sketching, I used templates that I sprayed with self-adhesive and painted the flowers with permanent marker on the bottles. Before you start to engrave, you off course have to remove the template and after that it’s just a matter of keeping your hand steady. After the first engraving I washed the Edding-residue off, if necessary use nail polish remover and then I engraved the finer details. My results may not be perfect, but there is no perfect for perfectionists anyway…

PS.: You can now find HERE a detailed step by step – tutorial for cutting bottles!

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