Bottle with a plant

When I saw something like this at Pinterest I had to try it myself. It is a water dispenser bottle for plant cuttings, which I made out of a soda bottle and a piece of shoe lace.

The water which is drawn up by the shoe lace is actually enough to easily keep the soil moist. I am a great lover of plants, but I am nevertheless of the opinion that my plants are completely over the top with their expectation to be watered more than twice a month, so I started to make these water dispensers for all of my plants. For medium-sized plants I recommend 1,5 l bottles of white wine but I still keep an eye open for even larger glass vessels.

You can now find HERE a detailed step by step – tutorial for cutting bottles!

For the next craft market I engraved a few of these water dispensers with my new favorite toy a Dremel (a multifunction tool with extensive accessories):

beide gravierte1000

geschnittene neue pflanze 1000

At this point I would like to thank the tool God who always provides me with new devices and thereby opens up whole new ways of how I can hurt myself because of my carelessness.

PS.: The tool God doesn`t like his new name …too bad!

Pps.: Since I replanted my balcony plants into these water dispensers they are bursting with blossoms. The basil on the picture has now tripled its size and has lots of pretty white blossoms!


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  1. Dropping by from Blog Handmade – this is a fantastic technique, can’t wait to give it a try 😀 – Chris @made by ChrissieD