Bottle vase

I am still renovating but I would not be me if I were not constantly distracted by other projects. For what is a new floor without a new vase? Right, nothing! If you have a new floor, you also need a new vase. Completely logical! So I built myself a new vase and as materials I used my personal classics: waste glass and pallet wood.



A compass, a triangle ruler, epoxy resin and a clamp (to secure the boards during sawing).


A saw and sandpaper.


A drill with a saw attachment (circular shape)/ hole saw.



Four small bottles


Four planks of pallet wood (2 X 5,5 inch and 2 X 12,6 inch long)

Step 1


First, I have sawn the boards (measurements on photo above) and roughly sanded the cut edges.

Step 2


Next I’ve drawn four circles on one of the longer boards with a compass …


For sawing the circles I used a circle attachment for the drill. Sadly I do not know the official name for this attachment (but I would be happy if one of you can close my knowledge gap).


Step 3

geklebter rahmen

To finish the wooden frame, I glued the four sides together (with epoxy)…

Step 4

bottle vase

… and stained the wood a bit darker. Finally, I put the bottles in the frame and went off to search for pretty flowers. If I don´t have flowers, I am going to put long candles in the bottles. Oh, I just love it when things are both beautiful and practical!

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  4. Stuart Hipp

    25 April

    In English it’s called a “hole saw”. Don’t know in Deutsch.