Bottle eggcups

Though I wander everywhere through all DIY-areas, I also always come back to my beloved bottle-creations. This sweet eggcup requires that you practice to cut bottles but this should not be a problem, as some of you might already know.

Some time ago I wrote HERE a tutorial on how I cut my bottles and there you can also find out, what tools you need to cut bottles.


As material I used wine bottles which have a particularly concave bottom.


In order for your eggcups to be washable, you have to use colors for your painting, which are specially meant for painting on glass and/or porcelain. Often the colors need to dry for some time and is then burned in the oven again. No matter what the details on your color packaging say, I advise against dishwashers with hand-painted glass. As you can see, you don`t need much for these eggcups and in the future you have a wonderful reason to drink a nice glass of wine.



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