Bottle candle holders

Recently, I joined some friends in selling our craft under the slogan “Designing instead of throwing away” at street festivals and flea markets. Our focus is to turn used stuff and create something new. So basically it comes to upcycling but since I am over this word (these days stuffing your bra with tissues counts as Upcycling), I prefer to use periphrases (mainstream trends really can take the fun out of everything).

Since I bought a glass bottle cutter, I am constantly drawn to my old waste glass and for our market stall I went into mass production with these bottle candle holders.

Admittedly I spotted the idea for these bottle-candles at Pinterest, but this DIY isn`t just about the idea because the execution is a whole other topic …

The old “dunk-a-string-in-lamp-oil-wrap-it-around-the-bottle-and-light-it-on-fire” method for cutting glass got me only smaller pieces of waste glass and some interesting moments with a 30 cm large jet of flame. Hence the acquisition of my bottle glass cutter. Even with this tool, it still needs practise to cut a bottle because the cutting tip only carves the glass and the crack must now be enlarged with the right balance of heat and cold exposure.

Furthermore I could swear that the different glass colors (brown, green and white) have different breaking points. The brown “Astra” (German beer) bottles have almost driven me mad.


Meanwhile I’m quite happy with the results and thanks to my lovely neighbors who now leave their waste glass in front of my apartment door, I never lack glass-supplies.

PS.: You can now find HERE a detailed step by step – tutorial for cutting bottles and HERE my guide for pouring your own candles!

PPS:. Another tip: (In Germany) you can buy empty deposit bottles for a few cents at beverage stores/bottle shops which take bottles back for recycling. This way you can find special bottles that do not exist everywhere and get many bottles to practice your glass cutting skills..

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