Book vase

Even in our digital world books still hold a magic of their own and a home without books feels always empty. Besides enchanting us with their stories, books also look fantastic in a shelf and are the perfect material for paper crafts like folded stars or this cute book vase.

Tools and material

image 1kleiner

You will need a hardcover book, a cutter, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a triangle ruler and glue or double-sided adhesive tape.

Step 1

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First you need to carefully separate the hardcover from the book. It is very important that you leave the glue that holds the pages together intact! With two simple sections the book cover should come off.

Step 2

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Now you have to draw the outlines of your vase on the first page of your non-covered book. The left side should be the side of the book, which is glued. On the right side you should have the loose pages. The form you draw must not be exactly like this, but should be about the same, if your vase is supposed to be similar to this one.

image 4kleiner

Next you have to cut away everything that is not part of your drawing – on every page of the book. It is the easiest to cut the book pages with scissors about 30 pages a time.

image 5kleiner

At the end your book should be trimmed in a way that only the outlined part of the book is left.

Step 3


All that remains now is to glue the first page to the last page and your book vase is done. A vase that has no function at all, wonderfully captures dust and is still awfully cute.

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