Book art

What would have occurred to me as vandalism before I studied literature now fulfills me with quite some satisfaction: to destroy books for purely decorative purposes (and here I thought that I would never again pick up my university text books). The possibilities of folding books are quite extensive. However, this is currently my favorite variation.

You can find a tutorial for this creation HERE (English). The length of time you need depends on the size of the book (by the way, mine was once a swedish crime novel) and on how picky you fold. I needed about 2.5 hours for the bookstar you can see above. I always provide my paper lanterns with a mounting, because even I have a limit when it comes to decoration that is too dust-friendly. When the lanters hang above me, I can`t see the dust.

I personally prefer to use books that are already slightly yellowed with time, but that’s a matter of taste.








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