Bloggers Unite! Part III: Mock-ups

Bloggers Unite! Part III: Mock-ups

My post today is for all the bloggers among you. Some time ago I stared a series of posts named “Bloggers Unite“ because I think it’s important that bloggers help each other. We all are in certain areas of blogging better than in others. Be it photography, photoshopping, legal situations, networking, social media channels, or press relations. If we all share our knowledge with each other, we can only benefit in the end. After I wrote the first post of the series “Bloggers Unite” about online features and the second part about social media, I would like to show you today how you can make your blog posts more professional with mock-ups.

The word mockup refers to a scale-made model or a replica for presentation purposes. In many design professions mockups are used to show clients for example how their new logo looks on a shopping bag or a T-shirt.

Fortunately, there are many mockups that you can use for free on your blog and below I have selected a few of my favorites which are for example great if you have an announcement for your online-shop or if you want to inform your readers about a giveaway. I have inserted my own text or image in all mockups, so that you can see which part of the mockup can be changed.

Just in case you need some help with the Photoshop-part, I have also created a Photoshop tutorial about how to edit a mockup which you can find at the end of the post. It´s really not that difficult! If you have some more tips on using mockups or have any questions, just leave me a comment.


1. Free Man Holding Poster Mockup

2. FREE Frame Poster PSD Mockup


3. Brown Paper Bag MockUp

4. Free Poster PSD Mockup


5. Free Invoice PSD Mockup template

6. Chalkboard MockUp PSD


7. Psd Label Brand Mockup Vol7

8. Hip iPad Mock-up


9. Sketchbook MockUp PSD

10. Psd Notepad Mockup


11. Psd Poster Frame Mockup Vol6

12. Old Booklet Mockup

Photoshop Tutorial Mock-Ups


1. First open your mockups PSD-File with Photoshop and then open the smart-layer with the title „Edit content”, “Insert your design” or something similar. In case that you will be asked if you want to convert the color to the working color space just klick “OK”.


The smart-layer now opens in a new window.


2. Delete the old text…


3. …and insert your new text. Now you only have to save the change…


… and your text will appear in the mockup.

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