Blog Relaunch

HOORAY! Nur noch has a new home! For the past two months I worked  like a mad person, together with my partner in crime. I’m so proud, I could joyfully race up and down the road . However, this would imply that I have to move fast so that´s not going to happen. Besides the new design and the new address there are lots of other new things to discover: new categories, new texts, new images, new pages and a new Media Kit. I hope that you like my new design and that you feel here just as home as you did on my old blog.

I am especially proud that the blog now has a language switch! On every page you will find a small German flag and a small British flag and you can now freely change back and forth between the languages!

This web page wouldn´t have been possible without my web designer Torben! Come everybody, give Torben a hand *clap*. If I remember correctly, we agreed on four goats as payment, right? Well, just let me know, where I should send the goats.

Attention: If you have followed me on my old domain, please remember to switch to this site! In the next few months I am going to show you lots of new stuff!

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