Big stamps

Some time ago I showed you HERE how quickly chess pieces and felt make a stamp. But because chess pieces only have a limited surface, I would like to show you today how to make big stamps with wood and foam rubber, for example to design your own patterned fabric with fabric paint.

Materials and tools

material schaumstoffstempel

A saw, sandpaper, a wooden board, thin foam or foam rubber, glue, a craft knife and a pencil.


 a template

Step 1


First, I have sawn the wood to the size of the stamps.

Step 2


Then I sanded the wood.

Step 3

To make the stamps, I first drew the templates on the foam rubber whereby the color of the material does not matter and then cut out the forms twice.


Step 4

Now you only have to glue the forms of the same size on each other to raise the stamp surface slightly…

Step 5


…and glue the motives to the wood.

Since I made these stamps as a gift for a friend, I myself have not tried them but I have used two big bought stamps to show you how to make patterned fabric with fabric paint.

Materials and tools

A surface out of glass (I always use a chess board made of glass), fabric paint and a small roller tool.


big stamps…

…and fabric.

Step 1


First you press a blob of paint onto the glass and then roll with the roller over the paint until it is evenly distributed.

Step 2


With the roller the paint is then rolled onto the stamp. The first time it takes a little while until the color is well applied everywhere.

Step 3


Hence my pattern gets regular I drew a few chalk lines on the fabric. If you are finished with stamping the fabric, the color must now dry. My fabric paint must dry at least for 24 hours and then the stamped fabric must be ironed on the left side to fixate the color. I would wash the fabric separately the first time and this also washes out the chalk mark.

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