Big plans

As already indicated in my last post, I’ve decided to start the New Year with some major changes. And to make use of my motivation, I started to face up to my greatest nemesis: my floor.

When I moved in my apartment over ten years ago, I had no money, no time and no craft experience. Although I did not like the red carpet in my apartment from the beginning, I only wanted to move in as quickly as possible and planned to renovate the apartment later … a year passed, three … five … ten years and my dislike * to the floor grow bigger and bigger. Finally on January 1, I realized that I was not willing to spend another year with my nemesis and in the same night I ripped out the carpet. Today, two weeks later, I finished my new floor in the first room: white lacquered wood flooring (see above). I am ecstatic and every minute that I spent on my knees in the recent weeks to scratch carpet glue from wood was worth the effort! Since I unfortunately have more rooms to do, I am not going to write here a lot but you can be sure that I will not stop at the floor and as soon as I am ready for my other plans concerning furniture, decoration and textiles, I will have new tutorials for you. Until then, wish me luck!

* or in other words: my burning hatred

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