Best of easy upcycling

Upcycling is great and fun but the best upcycling projects are not always doable. That’s why I compiled this “best of” for all the people like me who do not have ten skateboards, old car parts, a jukebox or a wagon wheel standing around in the basement. Here you can only find upcycling ideas for which you do not have to spend six months of your life at flea markets or thrift stores … (maybe one month).

and here we go… (plus one addition)

1.) These are these sweet little jigsaw-pieces of wood, babies learn shapes with and the crafter simply glued magnets on the backside (I think) – I would love to have some for my fridge!

source – without Tutorial

2.) For this the crafter just cut a plastic container in form and taped it with Washi Tape. Simpel but pretty.


source – with Tutorial

3.) This toyllama was pimped with some feltballs and is now an awesome pincushion.

source – with Tutorial

4.) Here the crafters used retro thermos flasks as vases. These flasks are of course very beautiful but it is as pretty, if you use old milk jugs or teapots and coffeepots made out of Porcelain (my apartment is full of these).

source – without Tutorial

5.) With this idea you can go all out creatively. There is no limit for colors and shapes (Actually, there is…but I am in a writing flow, okay?).

source – without Tutorial

6.) I personally would have chosen a different book, but the idea, I think, is great.

source – with Tutorial

7.) You can get old leather belt for a few euros at any thrift store or flee market. I imagine it would be also beautiful with colorful braided belts.

source – without Tutorial

8.) An Upcycling classic that I still have chosen because old cans are pretty and beforehand I never really knew what to do with them.

source – without Tutorial

9.) Strictly speaking, this is perhaps no upcycling project but I particularly like patchwork blankets made out off bandanas.

source – without Tutorial

10.) How can anyone have a child and not immediately repurpose the next plastic dinosaur in reach? So sweet!

source – with Tutorial

11.) The idea here is to buy an old oil painting cheap and simply write a slogan/joke or quote of your choice over it. This one may not appeal to everyone, but it´s my kind of humor;-)

source – without Tutorial

12.) Also an Upcycling-oldtimer but if you are not at Pinterest, you may not yet know this and are delighted.

source – without Tutorial

13.) This is a small addition that I wanted to share with you. Thanks to Nina, for giving me the GO to show it.

IMG_5507 (1824 x 1368)
source – with Tutorial

I got such a great feedback for my “Best of Hama Beads” – post, so I thought to myself, to maybe make a little best-of-series. Always with a different focus on the DIY-world. What do you think?

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