Best of DIY design style: Industrial

Best of DIY design style: Industrial

Although I regularly present best of- features with specific topics, it’s been a long time since I have presented an entire interior style to DIY. In the first year of Nur noch I wrote about a number of design styles with matching DIY tutorials (Best of DIY design style: art deco; Best of DIY design style: mid century and Best of DIY design style: pop art). So it’s long overdue that I continue this series with a popular trend.

This summer Nur noch will be two years old and over that time we could watch some trends come and go. I’d like to say that trends don´t affect me and that I always follow my own way, but let’s be honest: It does not work like that. When you get confronted with variations of a theme nonstop, you will react to it- whether you become a fan or counteract with your own style makes no difference. Although I must admit that the copper hype bored me more and more over the last year, I am still in love with the entire industrial design style. Although this style can only really shine when you live in a large converted loft with stone walls, it can still look great when you only include certain aspects in your home.

Like the name suggests this style is based on the look of old factories and industrial facilities in particular buildings from the age of the Industrial Revolution, the late 19th century. Key elements of this style are exposed brick walls, exposed pipes, weathered wood, cement and factory-related furnishings: Metall lockers, grid lamps and iron legs on tables and chairs. Since old factory furniture and metal are generally quite expensive Industrial design as a complete look is rather something for higher earners, which of course is extremely ironic since this style is modeled after places, in which the poor of society worked in horrible and often fatal conditions. Apart from this small side note the Industrial style is just badass and in my opinion the ideal counter-element to the still popular pastel trend that just does not want to end.


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