Bed with a view

As long as I’m still busy with sewing dress up costumes for kids, I am going to show you one of my old DIY-pieces. Yesterday I explained HERE briefly how to build a wall garden from pallets and now it is time for the second half of my balcony. This spring I stored all my balcony furniture and made room for my new bed with a view. As soon as I’m exposed to more than a few minutes of direct sun, I’m like a lethargic lizard and can barely keep my eyes open. To shorten the distance from the balcony to my bedroom, I built myself a balcony bed. Well, built is rather a strong word. I piled up two Euro pallets and used some sawed pallet pieces as a small foot extension.


I cut an old mattress of my sister to size and finally I sewed a new mattress cover out of old bed sheets. I think my outside chilling area is quite wonderful but that is nothing compared to how my cats find “their” new bed.

Now and then they will still let me sit on the edge of the bed … but only if I do not cause too much unrest… like moving or breathing too loud.


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