Bauble vase

Recently I have seen a tutorial for a couple of beautiful hanging plants from the wonderful Dörthe of ars textura. Since I have a weakness for upcycling, I decided to make two hanging vases with light bulbs. Unfortunately, I had to realize that I’m not MacGyver…

…when I first tried to unscrew a light bulb with a pair of pliers, the glass literally blew up in my face. While I hurriedly searched for my goggles, I could already see the newspaper headlines in my head: “German blogger loses eye in a freak-accident”. After my second attempt sent me in search for protective gloves, I had to admit in the end that either A) I am too clumsy or B) all the images on the internet of light bulb vases are made with Photoshop. Satisfied, I chose option B) and decided to give up. I owe it to my aunt that I got my hanging vases in the end, because she gave me a pack of transparent baubles last week and thereby freed me of the light bulb curse.



You need transparent baubles made of glass and white thin yarn.

Step 1


First you need to remove the support of the bauble.

Step 2


In order that the bauble vase can hold the weight of water, I had to think of a new support. On two opposite sides, I knotted white yarn around the opening and glued it with epoxy. This is the only adhesive, which I trust to hold the weight.

Step 3


Now I only had to fill the bauble with water and a plant and hang it on a long nail to the wall.


bauble plant

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