Bag dispenser

In the last few months I worked with a lot of wood but these days all my thoughts revolve around fabrics and patterns. Although I occasionally like to try myself on more difficult sewing projects with purchased patterns, I rather like to design my own sewing patterns. There are hundreds of things that are only made of simple geometric forms and every sewing beginner will be able to make these without any problems. Pillowcases and tote bags are just the beginning. Within the same category fall my bag dispensers which are not only easy to sew, but also practical and a nice idea for a gift.

The bag dispenser for plastic and/or tote bags can be hung either on a hook or on a doorknob. The bags are stuffed in the bag dispenser at the top and if you need one, you simply pull it out again at the bottom opening. As a material, I recommend a fabric which does not wrinkle easily and is slightly firmer and because there is usually cooking in a kitchen (which in my case means a lot of spatters of tomato sauce), the fabric should be washable.

Sewing pattern

Tütenbeutel Muster


– stiff fabric
– ca. 17,7 inch elastic band

Step 1


First, I have folded the narrow strip of fabric right side on right and stitched it together. This will later be the handle of the bag dispenser.

Step 2

unterer saum

Next I folded the upper edge of the bag dispenser (about 1,2 inch fabric) twice to the inside and stitched it down.

Step 3


I sewed the bottom of the bag dispenser like a draw cord. As you can see on the photo above, I left a small opening for the elastic band. Later, I realized off course that this was totally nonsense and once again it has been confirmed that I cannot create a sewing tutorial without making a mistake somewhere.

Step 4


Next, I have sewn the side of the bag dispenser, again right sides facing.

Step 5


In order to thread the elastic band into the draw cord, I recommend to fasten a safety pin at one end of the elastic and use it to draw the elastic band through the draw cord.



After I threaded the elastic band, I now tightened the two ends of the elastic until the lower part of the bag dispenser was only a small opening and then sewed both ends of the elastic together, to keep the tension. Now you can shorten your elastic and sew up the opening of the draw cord.

Step 6


All that now remains is the handle. The easiest way to turn the fabric strip inside out which we have already sewn together in step 1 is to temporarily close one end and then pull the fabric over the handle of a wooden spoon. Now some fast ironing…


… and the handle (folded a bit inwards at the ends) can be sewn on the inside of the bag dispenser. Ta-da!


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