Badge-making for beginners

Badge-making for beginners

What happens if you borrow a machine that you cannot handle but you pride yourself on being pretty clever with your hands? That´s right, the machine is broken! It cannot be otherwise. The insolence of it, someone has loaned us a broken machine! In this manner I muttered last Friday along with a colleague at our children’s festival, while we glared outraged down an innocent badge-making machine, we had borrowed especially for the day. While my colleague went off to borrow a second machine, our cry for help spread out over the festival ground and a gracious soul showed me how the machine works. In order that I also know this for the next time, I photographed the individual operating steps and maybe I can hereby help another person who just holds the different parts off another “broken” badge-making machine in his/her desperate hands.

Ps.: We have not found out until today, how the second badge-making machine operates!


Round templates for the badges, you can print them for example HERE for free, badge components in the appropriate size and matching films. You can buy both easily online.

Pens, crafting material and/or fabric to beautify your badges.

Step 1

Either a badge-making machine has a double-sided attachment or two separate attachments from the beginning. One is for the top of the badge and the other one for the bottom. First, the blank for the top part needs to be positioned inside the right attachment.


Step 2

Now the template is placed over the top blank and the film over the template.


Step 3

Insert the attachment into the machine, slide the bolt to the number 1 and press down the lever.


Step 4

The top blank is now clamped inside the machine! Turn the attachment around and put the blank for the bottom part into the cavity. The attachment goes now back into the machine, the bolt must be pushed to number 2 and the lever is pressed down again.

Your work of art is done!buttons8

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