Art with sun sensitive paper

Art with sun sensitive paper

Since December I am waiting for the sun to get stronger because I really wanted to try out my new sun sensitive paper. You need this special paper for cyanotype and here is how it works: You place an object or a negative on a sheet of sun sensitive paper, put it for a while in the sun and afterwards in some water.  Next a picture of your object will appear. Very cool!


I used sun sensitive paper in size DIN 5 and for my stencil I used a free template off a zebra from the Internet.


Since I did not know how the sunlight would illuminate the sun sensitive paper, I cut the stencil for both variations: One zebra for a positive and one for a negative. According to the manual one should cover the object on the sun sensitive paper with plastic wrap and secure it with pins. Since it was clear that the plastic wrap would shift all the many small snippets of my right variation, I unceremoniously glued the snippets onto the plastic wrap.


Next, I pinned both templates with the plastic wrap onto the sun sensitive paper and waited. After the stated 7 minutes waiting time nothing had changed. In fact, even after three hours the lighter parts didn´t get white, as I had expected. It seems that the March sun in Hamburg only results in light blue, which I also find pretty.


After the exposure, I laid the sheets for two minutes in water and then let them dry. To my surprise there was a double color change while the fixing, so that the lighter parts of the sheets were again light at the end and the dark areas dark. I really love the left zebra but I did not place the pieces of the right zebra exactly enough and now it looks like his zebra mother had spent a romantic night with a wild boar.


Because the smaller details of the Zebras got lost, I wanted to make another attempt. Since a friend of mine is completely obsessed with peacocks, I cut a stencil for a peacock next. This time I made the stencil adhesive with glue. This actually worked so far that all the details remained intact since no light could penetrate under the stencil. Unfortunately, the glue was too strong and the sun sensitive paper too sensitive and so small parts of the paper tore up when I detaching the stencil. But I hope that my friend will like the peacock nevertheless.

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  1. This is an awesome DIY!! I love how the zebra and peacock came out! Thanks for your submission to DIY Crush! Please see it here:

    • Ronja Lotte

      9 April

      That´s great! Thanks for the feature and your sweet words 😉