Arrow sign

Last night a new DIY idea came to me and today I sawed, painted and photographed, in order that I can show you my idea already. My favorite place in the world is at the lake. The best is “my” lake in Sweden but I also like a lake that is closer to my home. Since I still had some boards left after my pallets- projects, I trimmed one to an arrow and painted a sign. “Zum See” is German for “to the lake”. I will probably hang it up in my kitchen and of course the arrow points in the direction of my favorite place.

And here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial to make one of your own:

Tools and materials:

A wooden board, package tape, brush, pencil, pen, paint, saw, sandpaper, triangle ruler and a pneumatic stapler (who does not have one, can probably take hammer and nails instead).

… a print of your text.

Step 1

First I sketched the outlines of my arrow with a pencil. I chose a 50 degree angle for both sides and then I cut off the corners and grinded them.



Step 2

For sketching the lettering I used a method, which I have already written about HERE on my blog. Thus, the outline can be better seen in the photograph, I have traced the letters again with chalk.

Step 3

For the mounting I cut off a piece of packing tape and stapled it on the back of the board at the outer ends. You have to give the packing tape a bit of leeway so that it can form an arch.

Step 4

Last you just have to color your letters and you are done!

zum See
As you might have noticed, I can´t let go of my wood signs just yet. More and more ideas occurred to me, what else I could write on them. I have implemented some of these ideas and my favorite idea is not my own, but comes from “Schneckchen” (small snail), who some of you might have noticed as my busiest commentator of my posts. As a mother of a kindergarten child, she had the idea that I could make a “Panama” sign – like in Janosch`s (famous German author) children’s book “Oh, how beautiful Panama is” for a kids room. Since I did not just want to copy Janosch`s tigerduck, I painted a tiger flower instead. Thanks for the idea, “Schneckchen” alias small snail!

Panama schild 1000
…and here are three more signs:

alles meins Schild 1000
alles meins! – all mine!

badezimmer Schild 1000
Badezimmer – bathroom
Ausgang Schild 1000
Ausgang – Exit

I am going to make one more special sign for my own flat but apart from that I probably made enough signs for now.

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