Apple crates shelf

Apple crates shelf

You may have noticed that I have a tendency to constantly redecorate my apartment. That is why I really like to take my time considering if I want to realize a large project. It is just no fun to work for weeks on something, only to take it apart again a few days later because I don´t like it anymore. So for the last two months, I tried to decide, if I want an apple crate shelf, or whether the 1000 variations of this project on the internet have already ruined that idea for me. As you can see, I have given myself the green light and at least since yesterday I didn´t regret it.


First I bought twelve apple crates from a farm for my shelf, cleaned them, sanded them…


…and then I amused myself for a few days with painting them (and large parts of myself) white.


Since I knew from the beginning that I wanted to mount at least one apple crate without visible support to the wall, I drew twelve small rectangles and pushed these around on paper until I was satisfied with a result. It would have been just too much trouble to test the form for my shelf with the real crates.


Now I only had to stack the crates, screw the top three crates to the wall and fill all that empty space.


Yes, I know. I’ve only painted white again! But this time I had a really good reason. I knew that the content of the shelf would be colorful and for colors white is just the most beautiful background!


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