Antique wood over night

Some time ago I started to gradually rework my wooden furniture. I sanded, oiled, varnished and stained but rarely was I able to hit the wood tone that I wanted to create. I like wood which looks old and has a story to tell. To find this in pine furniture proved to be not so easy. As always, if I do not know what to do, I started to research on the internet and once again I actually found something useful.

What I found was a tutorial on how to mix together a solution of coffee, vinegar and steel wool, which changes wood so it appears to be twenty years older overnight. Since I had everything in stock, I immediately started to mix everything together but I didn`t have high hopes.

Dear English speaking reader, I am not going to translate everything else into English, because the original tutorial I found is already in English and I just translated it into German. Off course not “just”, I added my own experiences and uniquely funny writing style (*cough*) but I am sure you will get over not having everything translated again (;-)). You can find the original tutorial HERE.


Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: German


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