A midsummer night`s dream

Every year there is one day in the spring, when it grabs me suddenly and I know I have to decorate my balcony new to welcome the summer. Immediately I stop everything else and don´t rest until my balcony is finished. This year I am very late with my balcony makeover but the summer in Hamburg isn´t really inspiring so far. Nevertheless, I got down to work and I even almost managed to ignore the surprised glances of my neighbors who observed me setting up a bed on my balcony while wearing warm clothes and a jacket.

As you can see, I’ve used a few of my favorite DIY ideas and diligent readers of my blog probably already know a few of these old friends…


The heart of my balcony is a bed on pallets which I have shown you HERE last summer.


It took less than two minutes, until my cat begun to spread black cat hair on the new bed.


I used a cut leather belt to hold the curtains back.


I used a rag rug to sew this cushion and you can find the tutorial HERE.

For the small wall above the bed, I decided to create some wall art with a few of my bauble vases (tutorial HERE) and some of my coasters (more HERE).


Also an old friend from last summer is my pallet wall garden, for which I made HERE a tutorial and one of my hand painted wooden signs that I have shown you HERE.


Because I constantly forget to water my flowers, I like to use water dispensers, for which you can find a tutorial HERE and finally I’ve added a rag rug for comfort on the floor.


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