A burned spoon

More than a year ago I got a multifunctional tool as a gift from dear friends, which is in principle a soldering iron on which you can attach different attachments. As you might have already noticed, I love to try new toys tools. I’m actually crazy about new tools, so why did I wait so long to try out this wonderful gift? That´s easy! I simply did not dare or in other words: I was pretty convinced that A) I would find a gruesome death in the flames while trying to light the soldering iron or B) I would drop the soldering iron when working and then find a gruesome death in the flames.

To my own surprise, I am sitting now unscathed in my soot-free apartment after my first attempt with the multifunctional tool and can write you these lines. Who would have thought?

Tools and materials


A wooden spoon, a pencil and a tool for burning wood. I used a multifunctional tool with a cutting tip.


Step 1

zeichnung löffel

This will be my shortest tutorial so far. All you have to do is to draw something on a spoon …

Step 2

löffel (2)

…and then follow the lines of the drawing with the wood-burner. The challenge here is to keep your hand steady and burn the wood slowly in a steady pace and with fluent hand movements. As soon as you slow down at one point the line gets obviously darker and wider than the rest of the burned drawing. It is best to practice first on an old piece of wood. I found my little trip to this art form most definitely interesting!

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