A bottle and two buttons

A bottle and two buttons

The air gets colder and the time for wool sweaters and ingel has begun. What is greater than to cuddle up by candlelight in a blanket? Maybe a candle holder with its own blanket? For all you upcycling-friends out there I made this tutorial on how to make these candleholders from a soda bottle and an old sweater.

Material and tools


Soda bottles, a wool sweater or a cardigan, two buttons and everything for sewing.


Step 1


If you do not want to use ready-made glasses, you can read HERE how to cut bottles to glasses yourself.

Step 2

wollstoffAs fabric I used the waistband of an old cardigan, from which I first cut out a rectangle.

Step 3


Next, I folded the edges of the rectangle to the inside and stitched them down with a zig-zag stitch and a sewing machine needle for stretch fabrics.

Step 4


Now I wrapped the fabric on the right side around the glass and closely pinned it to determine the required length of my wool strip. Then I sewed the fabric at the mark, cut off the excess fabric and turned the wool again to the left side.

Step 5

All that now remains is to sew on the buttons by hand and to find a nice place for these cozy fall decoration.

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