5 minute candleholders

5 minute candleholders

For years I have been following the Washi tape craze in the crafting scene and although I own one or two* Washi tapes myself, I never really knew what to do with them.

* Well, one or two dozen.

Today I have used some of my tape for the first time and I start to understand why the craft stores sell this material by the kilo: After only five minutes my new candle holders were finished. FIVE MINUTES! Usually, I already need 15 minutes only to find all the tools for my project and I didn´t even had to clean afterwards! I think I am going to experiment with this wonder tape more in the future – I could get used to this no-cleaning-side benefit.



For the candlesticks you need empty bottles and/or a mason jar. I reused a jar of honey. Both the bottles as well as the jar must be cleaned first and the labels must be removed.


Furthermore, you need Washi tape. I bought this Washi tape yesterday together with lots of other patterns in a large pack at Budni (a German drugstore chain).



1. If you have a bottle cutter, you can cut off the top of the jar, like I did. If you would like to learn how to cut glass, I have HERE a tutorial for you.


2. The pattern for the small jar is very simple. Cut small strips of the blue Washi tape and stick them in a zig-zag pattern on the glass.

3. Now cut off a few strips of the gray washi tape and stick them vertical on the glass, as can be seen in the photo.


4. The pattern for the bottles is even easier. First you stick long strips of blue Washi tape vertically to the bottle, and then you stick a very short strip horizontally across the top of the vertical stripes.


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