3D Easter eggs

I know! Real eggs are always three-dimensional but how else could I have pointed out in the title that I stuck two two-dimensional eggs together to create a three-dimensional egg? Just writing these words gives me a headache. Anyway I made a few Easter eggs out of cork and because I did not want to make them just plain round, I played a bit with dimensions. Depending on your angle of view the eggs are wider or narrower. I am a little bit in love with my eggs and up till now the cats have not destroyed them, yet. However, I have no illusions that this will not change in the near future. My tomcat Jum-Jum has just made his first foray.


1)Draw an egg or print one out from the internet.

2) You can also make these eggs with thick cardboard or thin wood. I had cork, so I used this. Now copy the egg two times on your material …


3)…and cut them out.

4) Next cut out a thin strip in the middle of the egg. From the top with one egg and from the bottom with the other egg.


5) Paint your eggs with a beautiful spring color from both sides …

6) …and add some dots or stripes in white.


7) Now you have to stick the two eggs into each other and poke a hole in the upper part. Pull some white yarn through the hole and you are ready to hang your new Easter decoration!


Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: German


  1. So toll! Eine klasse Idee! ich habe gerade deinen Beitrag veroeffentlich by DIY Crush. Schau doch mal herein: http://www.diy-crush.com/blog/3d-easter-eggs/
    Ich freue mich schon auf foldende Beitraege!

    • Ronja Lotte

      9 March

      Super! Hab ich mir sofort angeguckt 😉 Dein Deutsch ist fantastisch! Liebe Grüße, Ronja Lotte

  2. Yamini

    9 March

    Oh very cute! My favourite time of the year as well. Definitely gonna try this tutorial 🙂

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